Cabin Depressurization

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Most people think that during a decompression event the inside of a plane’s cabin looks like this:


Fortunately, this is not the case. Actually, we experience decompression in every single flight and we barely notice it. This happens because the pressure drops at a rate which is almost unnoticeable from the human body and it’s always regulated by special instruments in order to be within certain limits.

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Which are the safest seats during an airplane crash?

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My suitcase is ready, my passport is here, all I have to do is to reserve my seat. You see, I’m flying back to Athens tomorrow, so it’s time for my online check-in. Most of the times I choose my seat having in mind the leg room. I always want the maximum space for a really relaxed travel, you know. But, what if I wanted to reserve the safest seat? What if I was looking for this specific seat which will offer me the best odds of surviving an airplane crashContinue reading “Which are the safest seats during an airplane crash?”